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With its savannas, vast rainforests, mountain ranges, Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, Colombia is one of the most biologically diverse countries on the planet. As most of its residents are descendants of indigious tribes, african slaves, and european colonizers, the Colombian people are as diverse as its landscape. This mix of traditions, history, customs and natural environment gives Colombia a truly diverse cultural identity.

All of this richness is reflected in a myriad of artistic expressions. Social inequalities, the preservation of nature, and moments of political turmoil such as the 2021 “Paro Nacional” protests which have put the country in the spotlight, also fuel the creative message which can be seen in murals that cover walls all around the country. 

The arts haven’t always reflected the country’s cultural folklore and diversity,  until the 1990's, Colombia was heavily influenced by Western artistic conventions. In an interview published in 1997 in the design magazine Proyecto Diseño, architect and designer Dicken Castro said, “Only by looking into our own roots will we be able to show something outstanding in the great ocean of current communication.”

The new wave in Colombian art, including graffiti, murals, and graphic design is fresh, colourful, vibrant, and diverse in both message and motives. We have strived to collaborate with artists from different walks of life that together help paint a picture of the country’s distinct character. 

The Bloodywall Colombia series is a collection of limited edition, fine art Giclée prints that starts by showcasing the works of Daniel Villanueva (Zorrozombie), Isabel Gómez Machado, Julián Bermúdez (Primario) and Dennis Quiñones (Dess Artist). Additional artists added soon to the collection.

Bienvenido a Colombia! 

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