Indonesian prints collection

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Photo by Ifan Bima  Oro Oro Ombo East-Java

When someone mentions Indonesia, usually the first image that comes to mind are palm trees and paradise beaches. With Bali a hotspot for visitors coming to enjoy the sun, surfing, and nightlife, it’s hard not to cast the entire nation as a premier destination for a relaxing holiday. Even so, it’s not surprising that there is way more to the country made up of thousands of islands than just an exotic getaway. Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world, with six major religions coexisting with Islam as its largest, 700 local languages, and cultures ranging from forest dwelling tribes to the massive city of Jakarta. It’s hard to get a full grasp on the scope of history and cultural diversity.

We embarked on the Indonesian prints collection as a journey to learn more about its  culture and artistic expression. Artistic freedom is a relatively recent development; only since 1998, when decades of repression by General Suharto’s military regime came to an end, have artists been able to fully express their individuality.

India, China, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, and the Netherlands who were colonial rulers, have all been major influencers in the Indonesian cultural scene; a mash up of age-old art forms developed over the centuries and recently developed contemporary art. Artisan skills such as mask making, woodworking, textile, and basket weaving crafts, mixing a style based in tribal and ancient Asian cultures, have made different Indonesian handicrafts popular internationally. Today, the heritage of ancient Hindu-Buddihism empires blends with globalization, creating a unique and varied body of artistry.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop  Bali

It is hard to represent the vast diversity of the nation within our Indonesian print collection. Our curated collection is a mere introduction to this country’s world of art, and we hope you take an interest in exploring it further. This limited edition print collection includes some traditional themes and mythological characters, social critiques, as well pop-culture, surrealism and contemporary abstract art, all united under a distinct and vibrant colour palette. 

We want this collection to artistically express the motto of Indonesia: Unity in Diversity. A powerful representation of the humbling scope of individuality and, conversely, the strength of coming together.


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