Daniel Villanueva "Zorrozombie"


A true anomaly in an interconnected, globalized world of cities and towns, Zorrozombie was born in the tiny village of Belén de los Andaquíes, Caquetá, in the southern Amazon rainforest region of Colombia. Largely self-taught, he has become a talented graphic designer and illustrator focusing on many fields including design for music, social projects, and illustration applied to products. He has his own design studio, and creates other work closer to graffiti.

Raised with little contact with the outside world, his imagination and surroundings sparked a creative desire that manifests through his art. Deviating from the standard artistic process, his works are vibrant explorations of his reimagining of his childhood home. He recalls the details of the forest; how the stories, insects, animals, tribes, array of colours, and even the individual leaves, all coalesce into his artistic life. His imagination as a child is often an inspiration for him as an adult to adapt to new problems, situations, and creative endeavors.