Dennis Quiñones "Dess Artist"

Dess Artist (Dennis Quiñones) has made a big name for herself in graphic design and illustration in Bogotá, Colombia, where she currently lives and works. After studying Graphic Design with an emphasis in animation, she has become an expert in her field of illustration for animation, editorial, and advertising. This has led to opportunities to work with several big name brands and artists, and to explore versatile new styles.

Her work is a tapestry of colour evoking the richness of the Colombian culture. The power of imagination is a heavy presence in her pieces; she believes it is the driving force behind every object and being, that everything existed in the mind before it was created. She seeks out stories of empowerment, and explores different formats, colours, and resources that enrich her work. Every piece has a specific message and story behind it, weaving in memories of childhood, family, the desire to live freely, and the devotion of self-love and care.