Domagoj Šokčević

Domagoj Šokčević comes from a small town in eastern Croatia. He graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design in Osijek, and attended the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb for three years. Although he has been in art all his life, he only started working with illustration in 2020. Domagoj currently works as a freelance illustrator, and is represented by two illustration agencies. His illustration bathes in retro style and nostalgia. Everyday life is his greatest inspiration, and life moments (which too often go unnoticed) are his main themes. When creating, he combines different combinations of colors and shapes that exude covered melancholy and stop time. His talent and skill are reflected in the fact that he completely adapts the overtones of art déco to his personal style. In his illustrations, he achieves the warmth of color, combines nostalgia with happiness and positivity, all while dissecting the world around him. He does his illustrations Photoshop, but before that he does each sketch by hand.