Gusde Sidhi

Gusde Sidhi is an illustrator from Bali, Indonesia, and creates pieces based on local and international history and folklore. He graduated from the Indonesian Art Institute with a degree in Visual Communication Design in 2020, and is currently working at a design studio in Bali.

A fan of anything historical, Gusde’s artwork style is a mixture of various influences. Ukiyoe, the practice of Japanese woodblock printing, and art-nouveau in the style of Alphonse Mucha are immediately apparent, but he also incorporates a traditional Balinese style, and his own touch from his life experiences. The purpose of each of his creations is to tell a story in a charming, appealing way. His pieces largely feature a character with a historical inspiration and background, with an intense focus on detail and striking colours. Personas he has included in his work range from ancient Japanese warriors to modern day Spanish singer Lola Flores.