Harishazka Fauzan

From Jakarta, Indonesia, Harishazka graduated from an interior design school before developing into an artist mainly working with drawing and mixed media. He has been exhibiting his work since 2017, and has worked on various collaborations and competitions. 

From his background in architecture, he adapts the knowledge he learned from interior design courses, namely the concept of using the five senses. Hari creates his art by combining geometric shapes, lines, and colours to create incredibly original and mind-bending pieces. Daily life is his main subject matter; he responds spontaneously to his surroundings and everyday experiences as a starting point, and adds in whatever pops into his mind. In his own words, “When there are traffic jams, for example. I pay attention to the surroundings, people's expressions, what they are looking at, from there I like to think about what to draw." His subjects are playful yet serious; each piece has its own character and plays by its own rules, giving the viewer a different experience and idea depending on their personal impression.