Paula Kitaen

Breaking into the graffiti art scene in 2016 in Ibagué, Colombia, Paula became a name for representing the feminine figure in urban city art. Her striking, vibrant murals dot the city and tell a story of a rich and colourful culture. Graphic designer by profession, she has developed her work principally in the field of mural painting and illustration. She is currently pursuing studies in visual arts. As a painter, she has been invited to festivals and meetings all over the country, as well as the Colombian Minga, the Quechua word for collective work action or social change.

 Paula’s travels and painting have taken her all over the territories of Colombia, where she draws deep inspiration from the people, the identities and the incredible dynamics of existing. Her work mainly reflects her focus on indigenous women and girls, fauna, and the concept of ancestral memories, and conveys how her experiences have brought enormous learning and an awakening of constant sensitivity. She believes that as the painter, you become a reflection of the people, and in her words, “You conceptualize this reality we’re entering into, give it shape and colour, put magic in, dream up ideas, and create an alternative from design.”